Turntablist Champ
Having supported talent such as: Kid Fresh, DJ Bravo, Rave Republic and Eve Speciall - Seth Gutierrez is one to watch as fast rising talent on the scene. With his main focus on mastering mixes and blending unique sounds, his passion is ultimately unifying his audience through positive energy and explosive beats.
DJ Surge's ability to uplift and carry a vast range of audience through a musical journey is only second to his energetic personality and occasional dance moves he shares with his crowds. His tuning style is a culmination of influences from Afro Latino tribal drums to a modern electronic edge.
A musical powerhouse hailing from Metz, France - Deejay ROS pulls you into his universe through mastery of beats and his own unique style. Expect an explosive cocktail of new Hip Hop & Electronic music enriched with ROS' singular vision. ROS has also played guest spots at world class venues in Phuket (Thailand), France (Metz, Thionville, Nancy, Montpellier, St Tropez, Deauville and Auxerre) and Belgium (Bruxelles and Liège) to name a few.  


Born and raised in Brazil with mixed Japanese heritage isn't shy of distinct global endeavour. With a tech and deep house blend running through her blood, the stunning DJ is taking Asia by storm running her own branded events.  Influenced by her Latin roots and Brazilian background, her tech lined sets are full of energy, built around warm melodies, ethnic elements that occasionally delve into a tribal and mystical fell.
The magnificent Jazzy Jeff is known for his unique scratch technique as well as his early acting career with Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Jazzy Jeff has spent the past two decades producing classic Hip Hop tracks that continue to ignite the dance floor to this day. He has been credited as the inventor of the ante-upping "transformer" scratching technique and is one of the most respected producers who inspires many Hip Hop DJs/Producers with his signature sounds.
Based between HK and L.A (Ford Models), Eve Speciall has landed huge DJ sets for Vanity Fair, The Playboy Mansion Halloween Party, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry to name a few. She has become the one to watch on both the style and music circuit.
Hailed as a pivotal player on the frontier of electronic music, Sander Kleinenberg has produced award winning remixes for Justin Timberlake, Daft Punk, Madonna and Janet Jackson to name a few.
Raised in Ibiza surrounded by the world's most renowned DJs, Christian and Alan Anadon aka 'Mambo Brothers' gained knowledge of electronic music from all house genres while growing up at family run club Cafe Mambo.