Grandmaster Flash



(Hong Kong / Friday, 4th August 2017) PLAY is proud to welcome back the legendary Grandmaster Flash on the 5th August 2017. The iconic master of Hip Hop is certainly bringing us again the best beats ever.

Being described as the Hip Hop’s first virtuoso, Grandmaster Flash is inarguably one of the Hip Hop’s original innovators. He pioneered Hip Hop by developing his own way to manipulate music. Starting from experimenting with vinyl, Flash invented the Quick Mix Theory, which introduced a set of techniques that basically laid groundwork for what a DJ can possibly do.

“The Get Down”, a Netflix musical series Grandmaster Flash co-produced features the emergence of Hip Hop and disco included Grandmaster Flash’s teenage life as a part of the story. It documents the rise of Hip Hop as, without any doubt, Grandmaster Flash represents the earliest days of the Hip Hop genre.

Having his own live show and musical series produced, he has been tirelessly promoting the growth of Hip Hop. Multiple tracks of his including the well-known ‘Superrappin’, ‘White Lines’ and ‘The Message” have all topped the chart. He is, at the same time, the recipient to awards such as VH1 Hip Hop Honors, The Icon Award, The Lifetime Achievement Award from the RIAA and Bill Gates’ Vanguard Award.
It is never exaggerated to call him a historian, a storyteller and a cultural force.

About Grandmaster Flash
Grandmaster Flash is a recording artist and DJ from America. He is definitely the voice of an entire generation of 1970s Hip Hop pioneers. After teaming up with Kurtis Blow back in 1977, Grandmaster Flash and his group the Furious Five transcended the genre’s party-music origins to explore the full scope of its lyrical and sonic horizons. The group was the first Hip Hop act to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007.

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